what is energy

what is energy

What’s this “energy” you speak of?

Actual, physical waves of energy. Every single thing that you are and every single thing that you do absorbs, contains, and releases electromagnetic waves as your cells fire on, supporting your life. Your thoughts and emotions release energy because literally—your brain cells are firing. There’s nothing metaphorical or abstract here; we’re talking about your real, physical, tangible waves of energy.

You know how you can tell someone is having a horrible day even if they don’t say anything? Congrats—you’re an energy reader. Or the way your skin prickles if someone stands a little too close to you? They’ve just creeped into your energy field.

Energy is all parts of you that can be seen and sensed: your body, your thoughts, your emotions, and how you show up for your life every day. 

You exchange energy all day, every day. With your clients and coworkers. With your family. With your partner. With time: giving too much or not enough. With money: investing it in things you’ll cherish or blowing it on stuff you don’t really need. 

Energy is also measured by how you feel, both day-to-day and long term. High energy, low energy, panicked energy, joyful energy. Sometimes you know exactly why you feel a certain way. (“I shouldn’t have let my love talk me into ‘just one more’ episode of The Office last night.”) Other times, you wake up and realize you’ve felt off for a long time, but you aren’t really sure why.




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