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/n./ Clear sensing is the ability to intuit events in the past, present, or future without using the five senses.

You are a gifted observer of the world around you, lovely Sage, and a great judge of character. You easily and intuitively know who to trust and select people or communities to confide in – even if they are few and far between! This gift helps you navigate life and the world around you effortlessly, when you trust yourself, that is.

The sage in the World

A fast learner, you know what you want and therefore don’t like to waste any time making things happen. It’s easy for you to take on too much so regular self-care is imperative for you to rest and rejuvenate your highly attuned senses, which help you interact with and navigate daily life.


“I give myself space to rest and heal. It is safe for me to slow down.”





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