The Omen


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/n./ The ability to see or preview an event before it occurs.

You have a keen foresight and may experience dejá vu more than the average Joe. It is safe to trust your dreams and fleeting premonitions about events that haven’t happened yet. Honor your foresight by slowing down to connect more deeply with your body, a conduit helping you tune into and sense the world that surrounds you.

The omen in the World

Your intuitive abilities have both practical and creative roots, nurturing both the will to survive and the desire to understand the bigger picture of life and its mysteries. Give yourself permission to enjoy the ride of life. You can’t always be certain about the future, but you have a stronger sense than most about which paths forward may lead to happiness, security, and prosperity.


“I allow myself to dive into life’s unknowns, trusting I’ll land exactly where I’m meant to be.”





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