“[Our session] left me feeling very open and relaxed. I am feeling optimistic about having a fresh start, opening a new chapter, and getting back in touch with my strength. Thank you for helping me.”

–S.S., Argentina

“That was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.  I’m glowing in white sparkly light and am already feeling transformed.  I simply cannot thank you enough.  I will cherish this gift you gave me.” 

–Gina, Chicago, IL

“I am so grateful for your insight. I feel much lighter and less fearful today than I have in a long time.”

–Shelley, Ontario, Canada

“This morning I went through my black book that I bring to every session and I am in awe with everything that we have worked on has truly shown up. Nothing is stopping me- I’m the most determined I have been. I worked on my homework every day until it became second nature to me….and now look where I am–the happiest I have ever been! The most I have ever loved myself! The most courage I have been with my words and actions.

Working with you has been life changing for me. You have a gift and you share it so effortlessly- I am beyond grateful my angles brought you in my life.”

–Renee Greene, Broker, Chicago, IL

“I’ve made more mindset and schedule shifts in the last 2 weeks than I was able to accomplish in the last couple years! I feel so much more joyful, in control, and satisfied with my life because of the work I’ve done with Cameron.”

–Megan Blacksmith, co-founder zestyginger.com

“I’ve been working with Cameron on mindset and belief systems for the last couple months. She’s been KEY for me exploring the relationship with myself, with my loved ones, with my business, and with my health in new and illuminating ways. My work with Cameron has been literally life-changing. She has all sorts of ways–that I’ve found incredibly helpful–to make this process so much more streamlined and effective! “

–Alex Golden, co-founder zestyginger.com

“I felt as though there was a release of bad energy that I always felt but never knew how to explain or vocalize. After working with Cameron, there was a lightness and balance I felt inside myself that allowed me to be my best self. Cameron made me feel completely comfortable and safe.”

–Kelly, Nurse, Lisle, IL

“Cameron is the real deal. My session was healing, relaxing, educational, comfortable and mystical. She instantly made me feel comfortable and present the minute my session began. She has an easy way of communicating that’s easy to understand. This experience was very important and amazing. I highly recommend her!”

–Theresa, Hair and Makeup Stylist, Chicago, IL

“I was able to look at my life from a new perspective and move forward through my healing journey with helpful insight.Cameron is amazing. She always made me feel comfortable and safe.”

–Camille Avis, Mindfulness Coach, San Rafael, CA


“I had been working long hours and found it challenging to relax. After a session with Cameron I feel totally relaxed and recharged–she is an intuitive genius!”

–Madeline Giles, Angelic Breath Healing Founder, Venice Beach, CA


“Cameron has opened my mind to a new way of taking care of myself.”

–Holly, Sales Manager, San Francisco, CA


“Cameron created a shift within me. She unlocked a clearer path towards what I had been seeking.”

–Crystal, Marketing Consultant, San Francisco, CA

“I gained insight behind the meaning of two relationships I was struggling to let go of. I’m so grateful I had an experience with Cameron!”

–Anne, Student, Olympia, WA


“Cameron helped me step outside my comfort zone and realize my full potential. Her guidance supported me in living a more purposeful, happy life.

–Cara, San Francisco, CA


“I came away with a renewed, open perspective and a stronger sense of confidence in trusting my own intuition. Cameron has a great energy about her that is contagious.”

–Lisa, Rohnert Park, CA




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