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Up Your Vibe, Immediately

I’ll help you glow, girl!

I’m Cameron Giles, founder of Love Glow Intuitive Energy Healing. If you’re like most of my clients, you’re a woman who gets it done. Your brilliant ideas about how to help others are reshaping the world we live in. You are committed to making a difference not just at work, but in life, and nurture yourself in caring and kind ways because it feels good to know yourself. 

I started Love Glow because it’s really hard to keep calm and carry on when shits hitting the fan. My work is about providing a deeper insight into what is going on energetically with each client I serve, shining a light on personal details to pay attention to that may have only felt like a whisper. I help my clients navigate difficult challenges as they learn how to trust the person they’re becoming.

My mission with intuitive energy healing is to help you believe in yourself and figure out the right path forward – at work and in life. From practical tools to get your magic flowing again to customized energy healing services to help you gain clarity and confidence about yourself, your relationships, your business, and your life, my goal is to provide eye-opening experiences that nourish your soul from the inside out.





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