What it's like to work with an energy healer

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I hear from a lot of people who are so close to getting their life back on track and living their dream but hold themselves back because they don’t know if energy healing will “work” for them.

Most people fall down because they live in constant fear of their own greatness.

What if you actually had a job you absolutely loved? What if you were happy and felt supported in your relationships? What if you trusted yourself enough to move forward with your vision of your best self? What if you felt worthy enough to ask for help?

Your life would look very different, wouldn’t it?

I’m here to support you in your journey. My work as an energy healer is guided by your ultimate needs, starting with helping you recognize the unproductive feelings and actions that are limiting you and helping you shed belief systems that have been difficult to let go.

Think of energy healing like a deep cleanse of your subtle body–the parts of you that you can feel or sense, but don’t necessarily see.

Here’s answers to the most common questions about this work:

What is an energy session like?

An energy session is like an hour-long, relaxing meditation. 

Physically, you may feel a slight tingling or warm sensation in your body, or nothing at all. You may also experience the urge to laugh or cry. Both are healthy forms of release–both in and out of an energy session.

Mostly, energy sessions are about receiving. I do most of the talking, relaying information, messages or insights I see and feel.

How do I prepare for a session?

Please spend about five minutes in a calm space to meditate or quiet your mind before our work together. I recommend finding a quiet place to relax for the duration of your session. Even though you’ll receive a recording of your session, you may want your journal near by to take notes. 

Note: PLEASE AVOID driving and loud, chaotic environments. Both are highly distracting and may take away from your experience and my ability to work with you.

Are there any side effects?

It depends. Each session is very different and everyone processes energetic shifts differently.

You may walk away feeling light, like a weight was lifted, or you may find that you need more sleep than normal. Some experience a brief period of sadness lasting anywhere from 1-3 days.

In this case, allow yourself to mourn and give yourself extra care. 

Sadness after a session can indicate that a piece of you, which may have served you for years or lifetimes, is no longer serving a purpose so it dies. This usually happens when a big shift is occurring, allowing you to become more aligned with your authentic self, or spirit. 

Is there any voodoo, dark magic involved?

No! My sessions are grounded in love and vibrate with gratitude. Further, you are a spirit inhabiting a human body. There is no voodoo, dark magic inside of you, therefore none will come out our work together. 

How can you read my energy when we’re not in the same location?

Energy is a vibration, or frequency, that I’ve been trained to pick up on. There’s no need to be in the same physical space. It works the same either way.

I currently offer in-person sessions in Chicago. Just check the in-person option at checkout if you’re interested.

I have found working with clients in this way is a natural progression of healing. Uncovering a deep level of healing one layer at a time.

Ready to get started? I offer 60-minute sessions. Click here to explore my energy healing packages.