The #1 thing you need to know about reconnecting with yourself


Have you ever discovered something fantastic and told all your friends about it only to be met with skepticism, ohhh, that’s great crystals and meditation works for YOU. But I’m more a down-to-earth person myself.

Despite your great discovery, people don’t really seem to get it.

Energy healing can be like that.

Often, I talk to people who are ready to make a positive change. They’re looking for support finding the courage to quit their job and work for themselves, or need help to heal from a relationship, or asking for guidance during a challenging time in life. 

The big mistake that leads people astray is they think they can do it alone but don’t know how to access and clear away the core issues that are keeping them stuck.

You don’t have to know anything about energy healing since I’ve got you covered, but you do need to adapt your method if it isn’t working. How can you tell it isn’t working?

Here are the top 5 signs you need to reconnect with yourself so you can finally get unstuck and move forward:

1.    You have big plans but hit a brick wall when it comes to changing direction
It sucks to wake up Monday morning, dreading the week ahead. You have an idea of what you’d rather be doing, but just don’t trust yourself enough to take action or move forward.

The way forward:  you need to move past your perceived limitations and be held accountable for your goals and aspirations. You owe it to yourself to ensure your forward progress does not stagnate. 

2.    You’re ready for the next step, but you don’t have a clue which direction to take
You’re getting in your way. You see so many options you don’t know which one is the best or correct one to take. So instead of taking one, small step forward, you do nothing. And feel bad about yourself for it.

The way forward:  stop looking so far into the future. Start getting in touch with yourself and your needs, which may not include taking any action toward your big dreams today and, instead, taking yourself out to lunch. How much fun are you having in life, really? They don’t say laughter is the best medicine for nothing!

3.    You have relationships that drive you crazy
Just one unhealthy relationship has the power to zap your energy and bog down your day, affecting your attitude toward others, toward yourself and your life.

The way forward:  take a real, honest look at the people in your life. Do any relationships feel like an uphill climb where you give, give, give but don’t receive anything in return? It may be time to do some weed whacking in your relationship department, cutting the cords with those that don’t lift you up so you have space for more relationships that do.

4.    You don’t have time to devote to yourself
Self-care is crucial for negating burn-out and stress but there’s no way you can focus on getting unstuck, focused, and confident if you’re submerged in the hustle.

The way forward:  create routine. Devote time every day to yourself. For some that may look like 7 minutes of meditation, for others, it could look like getting a mani/pedi on your lunch break. Gift yourself with love every day. Sprinkling your day to day with joyful spontaneity is what life is all about. You deserve it!

5.    You’re constantly sick, exhausted and stressed
You are giving into all of life’s demands but neglecting to care for yourself. When was the last time you asked what YOU needed? When was the last time you belly laughed? Or went to bed early? Saying “yes” to you can be harder than it seems.

The way forward:  Some quality YOU time. And a much-needed break. Negative thoughts and emotions slow down and block your energy centers, or chakras, which can leave you run down and vulnerable to illness and disease. Energy healing is about nurturing happy, full chakras to initiate a healthy, positive change.

The bottom line? When it comes to reconnecting with yourself, the key to success is determining where there’s a leak or a hole in your happiness and taking the steps needed to heal. Often, the hardest part is recognizing what needs to be healed. To figure it out, simply ask yourself. And pay attention to the first thing that comes to mind. That’s what needs to be focused on first.