How do you know energy healing is for you?


I was raised with the saying love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life ingrained into my head.

In college I studied fashion merchandising with hopes of one day working for a high fashion house, only to be met with resistance from my mom who told me if I graduated with that degree, the best I’d do was a manager at Walmart.

That was the first time I felt ashamed about my aspirations.

It was also the first time I realized the power of confidence – that my dreams weren’t for or about anybody else. My dreams provided the freedom for me to define my own happiness.

Later, I moved to San Francisco to pursue a higher degree in fashion merchandising and had a blast working my tail off styling and empowering others through clothing. But like a seed that grows into a thorn bush, the swift sting of my mom’s words never left me.

Slowly my love of fashion started to feel more superficial than creative and eventually, I dropped fashion completely to pursue a desk job.

But despite the long years I spent behind a desk, away from my original dream, a passion to work for myself grew inside me. Deep down, I dreamed of leaving my desk job to start a career personal styling but I was crippled by fear, unsure of my abilities and scared of letting my clients down.

One day, a co-worker approached me to tell me about a class she was taking called Intuition Medicine®. I remember having no clue what Intuition Medicine® meant, but hoped it would help me get in touch with my life’s purpose so I could drop the desk job and finally find a career that would bring me joy, or help me get over my fears at the very least.

Signing up for that class changed my life. I learned how to heal the wound my mom left back in college and many others that occurred over my lifetime. I found the courage to quit my stressful and exhausting desk job and created The Every Year Calendar, an award-winning planner.

Today, I work for myself providing energy healings to those who feel lost and I’m happy to report I work part-time doing some fashion work on the side. I have a great relationship with my husband and my life feels more balanced and filled with joy than I’ve ever imagined.

I tell you this story because I think, in some way, you can relate, [name]. Your struggles may not be defined by confidence, but most of us have something that tries to hold us back from our greatness.

There are so many excuses for putting off our happiness and settling in a lackluster life, career or relationship.

But you have a choice to drop the old stories and disappointments. The pain and struggle you’ve felt in the past (or even in the present) does not have to define what you do or feel tomorrow.

So, if you’ve heard that voice urging you to get up, dust yourself off and become who and what you were created to be, then I urge you to keep striving, even if you haven’t achieved the results you’ve hoped for.

Yes, it’s possible to get your life back on track. Even with…

…A full time job.

…A family and kids.

…A small budget.

…Fear that things may not work out.

This is why I’m so passionate about helping people let go of old stories or grief that’s keeping them stuck. I want others to realize that you CAN live the lifestyle you want, no matter what you’ve been through or where you are right now.

It’s also why I began my energy healing practice.

I Am Empowered is my flagship program, which is designed to help you get your life back on track and become who and what you were created to be.

It’s designed to explore, cleanse and heal the areas of your life that seem challenging or difficult in order to open up space in your life for positive change.

Are you ready to make that change you’ve been dreaming about? I’m here to help you through it. Click here to learn more about the program and learn about my other programs and offerings.