5 Myths about energy healing


I hear from a lot of my clients–­entrepreneurs, health professionals, musicians, teachers, and other healers–who feel like they’re trying SO FREAKING HARD to get their life back on track but aren’t seeing any impact of their hard work in their day to day.

When I have these conversations I always like to dig a little deeper.

ME:  “Do you have a clear picture of what your ideal life looks like and do you believe that picture is attainable for you?”

DISCOURAGED CLIENT:  “No. Well, maybe sometimes.”

ME:  “Do you trust in yourself? Do you know how to work through your obstacles?”

DC:  “No. I’m scared of what others will think of me. I’m afraid I’ll fail. And I just don’t know how to begin, even if I wanted to.”

ME:  “Do you prioritize your needs and aspirations by scheduling some quality 1:1 time with yourself to get centered, clear and focused on your goals?”

DC:  “No. I don’t make time for myself because I have so many other priorities.”

And on and on.

Here’s what I’ve realized…

-There are infinite excuses/reasons/fears that show up in your life to prevent you from succeeding. It’s your job to learn how to navigate your obstacles and choose to create joy, adventure and purpose in your life.

-Self-care is everything. Once you start giving back to yourself and prioritizing your needs, the Universe opens up and wants to keep giving you more. Once you let go of the limiting beliefs and past regrets that keep you stuck, there is more time, energy and abundance available that you ever dreamed possible.  And when you believe deep in your bones that you can have, be and do whatever you desire, it has to happen.

Luckily, I have something to help you.

Here are 5 myths about energy healing that may be keeping you stuck:

1.    Energy healing is hocus pocus.

Despite what you may have heard, energy healing was not discovered in the back of a Woodstock-era van down by the river. Instead, energy healing was first documented over 5,000 years ago by an ancient Indian spiritual tradition that spoke of a universal energy called Prana. Other documented practices and terms pop up over various regions of the planet to present time.

2.    All your problems should be solved after one session.

As much as I wish this were true, energy healing is not miraculous. It takes time to peel away the layers to get to unresolved emotions or trapped beliefs. The depth of your healing progresses as you become more open and accepting of change.

3.      Energy healers are crazy, airy-fairy hippies and are not trustworthy.

I studied and practiced energy medicine for over four years developing and strengthening my intuition and earning a masters certification in Intuition Medicine®.  While some healers seem to be born naturally gifted, I wasn’t introduced to the world of energy healing until my mid-20s.

After much dedication, practice and discipline I’ve strengthened my intuition, much like an athlete trains to increase endurance. If I’m capable of doing this, so are you! But if energy healing makes me a crazy hippie, I’m happy to join the freedom, peace + love train.

4.    Energy healers tune into others thoughts and feelings just because they can.

We all have our issues, but just because I can tune into them doesn’t mean I want to. I don’t pass people on the street and wonder what they’re dealing with. Like most people, I’m in my own head, dealing with my own life. It doesn’t serve me in the least and is highly unethical.

5.    Is energy healing safe?

It’s not as hard as it seems. I’ll help you take care of getting your life back on track, explore and shed belief systems that have been difficult to let go.

At the end of the day, energy work is about exploring yourself on a deep, soul level. You are pure love. Your soul does not experience lack or limitations in any capacity. Let me help you access the parts of yourself that you may keep hidden or safe from the harsh reality of life. You’re not here to keep your gifts hidden from yourself or anyone else. It’s time to shine! And I’m here to help you through the journey.