The 4 steps to overcoming fear

4 steps to overcoming fear

Beware of the mind. The fateful force we’re destined to overcome.

Every day we’re reborn into our life, waking from an imagination of possibilities and unlimited resources, challenged to believe we are enough and anything is possible.

Why do we question the unknown? Why do we doubt ourselves?

Fear is contained within our mind. It is a force to be reckoned with. A powerful manipulator and the unsung hero of our journey. Without a fearful mind, we might truly be lost. Without a fearful mind, we’d have one less guiding force pointing an obvious clue as to where we should move next. Fear is an illusion, a smoke show, a ruse.

Is it possible to overcome fear?

The answer is yes, with great faith one can overcome fear. Here’s how:

  1. Let go of any and all connection to the outcome

  2. Practice joy and gratitude for life in each moment

  3. Expect more than what you have been given or experienced already

  4. Trust that what you need will be given to you in time

These are simple steps that take courage to carry out. The underlying force behind each step is learning how to control the mind. Learning its ways, how it tries to silently control and manipulate you through fear.

Overcoming fear in practice

Begin to notice the origin of your thoughts. Where are they stemming from? Your intuition or mental thought? Your heart or your mind? An easy way to tell is to ask yourself: Is that thought grounded in love or in fear? Fear is mental, love is real.

You don’t have to look fear in the face directly. If you find yourself in a situation that feels too big or out of control to dive in head-first, teach yourself how to take baby steps.

You’re not supposed to bake a cake with one ingredient, just like large obstacles aren’t meant to be overcome with one action. Just like there are many steps, ingredients and time needed to bake a cake, there are many steps involved with overcoming fear.

But rarely do we look back and consider all the steps we took to overcome fear, mostly because those steps started way too long ago to even consider or understand that we were taking them to be prepared enough to face the fear in front of us. Instead, it’s more common to look at a fear and berate ourselves for not having the guts to just do it, move through it, and get on with our lives. We get wrapped up in the story and make the fear seem much bigger, scarrier and deadlier than it could ever possibly be.

So, do yourself a favor, and next time you’re experiencing fear ask yourself to holdback judgement of yourself and figure out a way to take one, small step in fear’s direction. Soon you’ll find there was nothing to be afraid of at all.

Soul Food:

Think of a time that you were too afraid to move through your fear. Write a short story or paragraph from fear’s perspective, narrating the thought process from the perspective of your fear. Try to find the comedy behind the story.

Challenge: Identify what you were really afraid of.

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4 steps to overcoming fear