moon wisdom for september

Ritual: September 2018

Our planet is shifting and changing as we learn how to break free from old ways and patterns and embrace a new way of living.

The old ways of living, which have been in place for the past handful of centuries, involve a struggle of some kind, a work-hard-to-achieve-concrete-results kind of world. Our life’s lessons could take many years or even lifetimes to accomplish.

As our planet and our universe uplevel, you may find that you’re experiencing many shifts and changes in your life. Projects, relationships or hobbies that you thought were put to bed could be circling back into your life, ready for completion. Or, on the other hand, projects, relationships or career struggles may be rearing a gnarly head, causing all kinds of disruptions and inconveniences for you.

Pay careful attention to any annoyances or disturbances you may be experiencing. They’re showing up to help you clearly understand what isn’t working or what may need some form of adjustment. It won’t serve you to try  maintain control of out-of-control situations. Instead, practice letting go of perceived outcomes, which will likely end in disappointment.

Slow down and connect with your heart. Deep inside, you know what you want, what you need, and what you truly deserve.

Soul Food:  Take a deep breath with a large exhale. Let your body relax as you breathe out. Then drop your body to the ground like a heavy robe, letting it pool at your feet. Move your attention to your heart, the place where all your answers lie and ask yourself the following question:

What is it that I truly need to feel happy and fulfilled?