moon wisdom: a full moon ritual

Photo Credit: Lori Menna of  @cosmiccollage

Photo Credit: Lori Menna of @cosmiccollage

This year has presented an opportunity for me to learn more about the moon cycle. While I’m still a novice, I try to do some small ritual around each new moon and full moon to help me better connect to my life as each new cycle of the moon creates more awareness around how much I’ve changed from the previous month and allows me to witness so clearly the things or experiences or people I’ve manifested through working on myself.

Last night there was a full moon in Aires. Full moons are an excellent time to let go of old stories, cleanse the house with sage, candles or music, or make long lists of everything you wish to cut from your life.

Each moon cycle I like to write about what I’d like to release (during full moons) or attract (during new moons) into my life. Below is the entry I made for last nights full moon. It may serve you to create a list of your own, or print this one out and reflect on it over the next month.


With this full moon I wish to release all which no longer serves my highest good. I release any and all attachment to my past and old stories or belief systems that make me feel small or afraid to do my work. I choose to follow my heart and my intuition, surrendering to life in the way it chooses to show up for me. I ask for guidance and support with this.

I choose to drop all expectations about what my day should look or feel like and, instead, embrace each moment, living in ways that may at first feel uncomfortable, unexpected or unfamiliar. I am ready to let go of my past now so that I have more room to open to what’s next.

I invite new friends, new clients, new life, new hobbies, new experiences, and new prosperity and abundance in my life. I welcome change as I shift out of my old skin into a braver, wiser being.

With this full moon, may my timid, fearful inner child be let free so my playful, light-hearted, courageous inner child can teach me how to live with even more wonder, playfulness, and adventure.

I want for nothing because I realize everything I need is always provided. Thank you for this life and these lessons. May they teach me how to live with more compassion, trust, generosity, adventure and gratitude. I embrace the next month and all the experiences that come with it.