a love note for those who feel lost

When you’re struggling along, consider if you’re trying to force a round peg through a square hole. There’s a reason something isn’t working out.

Remember that all things in life are about the process. If you’re focusing exclusively on the outcome, you’re missing the entire point.

Be gentle with yourself when trying new things. It’s too easy to compare yourself to others. It’s too easy to judge your perceived success when comparing yourself with others.

In times of struggle, choose to go inward via meditation, walking or coloring. Allow yourself to indulge in the freedom of time. Anything can happen at any moment. There’s no need to rush yourself through your process of creativity and self-exploration.

However, there always seems to be a subconscious sense of urgency when it comes to creativity. Notice this urgency and remember who you are: a spirit learning how to appreciate the process.

Give yourself some credit for having the guts to play the game of life by your rules, branching out of the mainstream to pursue your vision. Life may feel challenging at the moment, but it’d be a lot harder if you decided to play the game by everyone else’s rules.

The next move is yours.

How beautiful that you can go anywhere your heart desires.

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