The #1 thing you need to know about your energy body

Think back to a time when you were full of joy, felt totally connected to your daily activities and experiences with others. You were OWNING life and there was no stopping you or your unshakable drive to experience bliss.

Whether this sounds like you today, yesterday or 10 years ago, feeling good about who you are and where you’re at in your life right NOW – in this present moment – is all dictated by one thing:  your chakras.

Your chakras are centers of power that govern your emotional, physical and psychological health. You have seven common chakras along the length of your torso – starting at the base of your spine to the top of your head. When you’re chakras are healthy, they’ll spin in a clockwise direction in a smooth, fluid manner without blocks or cords.

Each chakra governs a specific element of your life.

1st Chakra (root):  survival, community, finances

2nd Chakra (sacral): creativity, sexuality, emotions

3rd Chakra (solar plexus):  personal power, dreams

4th Chakra (heart):  love, compassion, forgiveness

5th Chakra (throat):  communication, creative expression

6th Chakra (third eye):  intuition

7th Chakra (crown):  spiritual identity

Your external life is a reflection of the strength and balance of your chakras. When all of your chakras are balanced you’ll feel happy, energized, powerful, free, loved, secure and fulfilled and your body will function better physically, mentally and emotionally. However, when just one chakra is blocked or isn’t functioning correctly, it can have a powerful impact on the other chakras and the overall trajectory of your human experience.

Negativity is a major cause of disruption in chakras. Negative thoughts, verbal and non-verbal communication can severely impact your chakra system and, ultimately impact your daily life.

For example, let’s imagine you wanted to start a business. You’re beaming with excitement and, despite some nerves you decide to tell your friend about your business idea. You’re tripping over your words as you spill your guts about your brilliant idea. As you're wrapping up your explanation she turns to you and says, “That’s great, but you’ll never be successful.”


After some shock and awe (and some serious contemplation about her friendship) your confidence begins to waver and your third chakra (personal power center) shrinks a little, reducing the flow of energy in that power center. You begin to question yourself, maybe that idea was stupid. She's right, I don't have enough experience to succeed.

Hearing a message once, or repeatedly over short or long periods of time decreases the health of your chakras. The energy associated with negative messages can become stuck in the chakra, blocking the motion and affecting the chakra’s balance and health.

How is your daily experience affected?

Once a chakra is blocked or becomes out-of-balance it can affect the way you act in the world and, often your life will become a portrayal of the negative beliefs affecting your chakras. Over time, your actions can create situations that affirm the negative message, adding strength to the message.

Despite your careless friend, you decide to go ahead and start your business, anyway. But every time you seem to be on the verge of a major breakthrough – a big sale or landing a big client – some unforeseen obstacle knocks you backwards.

The negative energy is exerting a subtle but clearly noticeable effect on your actions, causing you to remain on the edge of success. If the negativity continues to manifest in your life, physical symptoms may occur (lower back pain, stress around finances or career, digestive issues) and, if not addressed, could develop into larger medical issues.

So, how can you prevent this?

There are a few different ways to cleanse your body and remove emotional pain or negativity from your energetic system. Here are a few:


Yeah, it totally sucks your hypothetical friend is mean and hurtful but instead of letting her words go to your head, really feel them in your heart. Processing your feelings is waayyy healthier for your mind, body and spirit in the long-term. 

Attach an emotion to your feelings and allow your body and heart to open to the pain, anger or other not-so-happy emotions. It may feel uncomfortable but the good news is, in just a few short minutes, you’ll have processed your emotions and you'll be happier and healthier as a result.


Meditation is a way to disconnect from your everyday reality and enter into a calming, blissful state of mind. A chakra meditation is a great way to visualize the strength, health and balance of your own chakras and cleanse them yourself, through intention.

Intention is an extremely powerful tool! It’s truly amazing how pure thought can guide your daily experiences and create wonderful shifts inside your chakra system. Next time you’re feeling a little down tell yourself, “I’m raising my vibration,” or “my vibration is increasing like crazy!” And see what happens. You may be shocked at what happens.


If you’re not ready to cleanse your own chakra system, your best bet would be to schedule a session with a professional. They’ll be able to cleanse any blocks or cords and help fill you up with your bright, beautiful energy so you can move forward in your business and life more easily and gracefully.

Chakras are your key to releasing emotional blocks, raising your vibration and creating a joyous life. You can take action now to cleanse your chakra system.

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