25 Journaling Prompts for inner growth

To love and respect yourself is to honor your desires without consequence.

You want change, but are afraid to shake things up.

When it comes time to shake things up, you second guess yourself and look for any reason to stay put. Because staying put is easier in the short term. In the moment.

What you want for yourself and how much you respect yourself are two details you need to get clear about.

When you’re not sure what you want for yourself, you’re pushing your needs and desires away from you because it’s easier to tell yourself you don’t know what you want than it is to put yourself ‘out there,’ try something new and explore your passion.

Exploring your passion is difficult because your passion is your heart. It’s the sacred, seemingly fragile part of you that could die or go away forever if just one small thing goes awry. In reality, this fear of failure or judgement is the ego–or the persistent, analytic voice inside that reminds you of all the reasons why your passions are a bad idea, but more likely a life threatening idea. So you worry.

What if I make a mistake?! My whole life could go up in flames and I’ll be ruined FOREVER, you tell yourself. And remain stuck.

Breaking Free

It’s a courageous person who chooses to put themselves ‘out there’ and explore their passions. No matter who you are or what your life experiences are, pursuing a dream is not easy.

So what to do? How to move forward?

When you respect yourself and your passions, you stop choosing experiences that suck your energy dry, you speak up for yourself when others put you down, you make decisions to let go of resistance and allow yourself to love without fear.

You allow yourself to take a step forward instead of standing in place. You create a life full of joy with a cast of characters who support your needs and aspirations no matter what.

Open yourself up to change by exploring more of your needs, wants, desires and fears. Use the 25 journaling prompts below to begin this self exploration.

25 journaling prompts

Answer these in one sitting, one every day or when you’re looking for a little guidance.

  1. If anything were possible, how would I change the way I’m currently living my life?

  2. What is the biggest detail holding me back from achieving my passion?

  3. When I look back on my life, what do I want to be known for?

  4. What do I need to let go of so I can move forward into a life that makes me totally flippin’ excited?

  5. What expectations have I set for myself or my business that I can let go of to allow for something more or different than I had in mind?

  6. How often do my expectations and reality sync up?

  7. What if I explored my possibilities instead of possible consequences?

  8. How can I believe in myself more?

  9. Where do I want to be in 4 months? 12 months?

  10. How can I nourish my mind more?

  11. How can I nourish my spirit more?

  12. How can I nourish my body more?

  13. How do I play? What activities bring me truck-loads of joy?

  14. What can I let go of to allow more time for play?

  15. Am I afraid to speak up and use my voice? Or do I use my voice freely and without fear?

  16. What makes me nervous?

  17. How can I support myself and my goals without getting overwhelmed or stressed out?

  18. What IF I make a mistake? What will I do? How can I support myself when I’m rejected (because it will happen).

  19. If I sit with the feeling of being rejected, these are the feelings that come up:

  20. If I sit with the feeling of trying my best and doing work that fills me with love and joy, these are the feelings that come up:

  21. How can I allow myself to live with more freedom?

  22. How can I support others more in my work?

  23. Am I contributing to making the world a better place? In what ways?

  24. At the end of the day, if all I do is _______________________________, I’ll feel accomplished.

  25. I am deserving of love because (list at least 25 things):

Open yourself up to change.

Explore your possibilities instead of consequences.

Breathe into the fear and let it go.

Allow the universe to nourish you.

Start exploring your relationship with trust and build the future you desire. The future you deserve. Nobody else holds the power to achieve this except you.

Believe in yourself. Start by giving voice to your desires and letting go of your resistance.

You are perfect. Start showing yourself you are. Begin a daily ritual of journaling and notice how your life grows and expands.

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