A simple mantra to ignite your confidence

Some things are simply meant to be. They fall into place seamlessly, with little effort and set up a nice, easy chain of events.

Other times, the things that are meant to be fall into place after immense effort and struggle. In those situations, small obstacles were built into the plan, assisting you in your growth and stretching you to become the best version of yourself.

Your job is to learn how to work through the process without resistance.

To do that, you have to become hyper-aware of yourself, paying close attention to your needs and your physical, mental and emotional desires.

Use mantras to remind yourself to trust the process:

I am safe.

I am being guided toward my highest truth.

I have everything I need now.

I am love, I receive love, I have love.

Ask yourself:  What am I resisting in my life, if anything?

Notice the first thoughts or feelings that pop up for you without overanalyzing. Then ask for support and guidance to work through your obstacles. Again, notice if any thoughts or feelings show up.  As you move through your day, notice any coincidences or synchronicities.

Let the process flow.

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