What to expect in an energy healing session

How exactly does energy healing work?

Well, the short answer is everything has energy. From each individual cell to your thoughts and that energy puts off a vibration, or electromagnetic wave (like radio waves or heat rays from the sun) that can be sensed, felt or perceived but cannot be seen by the naked eye.* 

Energy healing deals with the subtle energies of the body. Subtle energy is not measurable by devices or instruments available at this time, however humans have measured it for centuries. Some common words for subtle energy include chi or qi, prana, force, Baraka, Holy Spirit, aura, and more.


Every client session is completely and totally unique, however, here’s a general breakdown of the elements of a typical session:

I use my hands like receptors to sense the health of my client’s energetic field, aura and chakras. I use my intuition to guide each session, helping me understand what areas need the most work or sense when the healing of a specific area is complete.  I do believe there is a strong connection to spirit during each session and I ask for verbal permission to work with a client before tapping into their energy. This step could be considered as entering into a short-term spiritual contract from my spirit to clients' for the purpose of personal, emotional and spiritual growth.

Getting started with a session:

  • I do a brief grounding meditation to help us both relax and connect.

  • I ask for and receive permission from the client to work with their energy.

  • I explain what I saw in my client “preview,” a quick list of imbalances or disharmonious areas of the energy field.

  • I mend and fill the aura and further ground the client.

  • Begin the session/balance blocked chakras/relationship cord removal/etc.


Chakras are your body’s energy centers. Everything in your life–from your health to your relationships to your sense of safety and intuition influence your chakras.  There are seven common chakras that start at the bottom of your pelvis and run to the top of your head.

The image below demonstrates the location of each chakra and which aspects of your life each chakra influences. (chart from reikirays.com)


Energy healing is a deeply personal experience that may impact your health, happiness, satisfaction, and understanding of your life. There is a world of possibilities that come with energy healing. If you’re interested in learning more, or would like to work with me, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

*Some people can physically see energy, colors, etc. however, this ability is extremely rare and can be developed, like a muscle, with practice.

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