Intuitive hacks for making the right choice

right choice

Let’s get real for a minute. Take a quick survey of your life in this moment, everything from how satisfied you feel in your career to how connected you feel in your day right now.

Everything in tip-top shape? Or feeling like there’s definitely room for improvement?

The thing is, there will always be room for growth and improvement in life. It’s a simple fact of being human. We’re rarely satisfied and often looking to expand to the next level.

There are ladders to climb in every direction we look and sometimes that feeling of not being where we want to be or not feeling good enough can feel totally debilitating. Overwhelming.

The power of choice

The good news is, there’s a way out. You don’t have to live with a looming feeling of dissatisfaction any longer...that is if you’re willing to do the work.

Because the solution is simple, but it’s not easy.

So what’s the answer? One word:  choice.

You have a choice to react, or you can take a deep breath and let it go.

You have a choice to complain and be frustrated, or you can do something about it to create change.

You have a choice to get annoyed, or you can share your opinion and move on.

The solution to free yourself from the epic drama called the human experience, lies in every single choice you make.

Putting choice in action

Taking stock of your choices is very tedious. It’s a full time job that requires a keen attention to detail.

So how do you start overhauling your mental outlook?

It’s easy to justify your feelings of dissatisfaction.

It takes a willingness to broaden your perspective and accept that there could be another solution to create a mindset shift. That being said, I’m going to ask that you check any pity parties you’re throwing for yourself at the door.

Now, let’s get real. Are your choices supporting your needs?

Problem:  "I’m not happy with my job."

Is your choice supporting your needs? What other options do you have? Are you stuck because you refuse to leave? Have you tried to talk to someone at your place of work to improve your dissatisfaction?

Problem:  "I’m unhappy in my relationship."

Is your choice supporting your needs? Have you communicated what you’re unhappy about? What could you do on your end to improve the situation (relationships are not a one-way street)? What do you need to receive in order to improve the situation? Would life get easier if you were single?

Problem:  "I want to be making more money."  

Is your choice supporting your needs? Have you asked for a raise? Or have you raised your prices in the past year? Do you allow your inner voice to talk you out of your creativity or do you choose old habits over creative ones? What hobbies or creative ideas do you have? Can you sell anything on Etsy, Amazon, Ebay or your local farmer’s market?

Problem:  "I wish I was in a relationship."  

Is your choice supporting your needs? Are you willing to allow yourself to get vulnerable? Are you allowing the fear of rejection to outweigh your desire for a loving relationship? What are you doing to meet new people, or connect with people you already know, romantically?

Life is all about choices. And it’s impossible to make a wrong choice when you’re following the path of joy.

How am I to be sure I’m making the right choice?

Your life–everyone’s life–is about joy.

When you make decisions that increase your ability to create, play or experience joy, you’re moving in a direction that is unquestionably supporting yourself and your long-term needs.

The catch is, we have to choose the path of joy. That means making choices that put ourselves first, before deadlines or obligations. That means speaking up for our needs and finding the courage and confidence to ask for what we need, be it a raise, more time off or an apology (instead of expecting those things to happen).

Your well being comes down to how well you’re managing your joy. And the choices you make to honor and respect your joy above anything else.

So, allow me ask you again:  Take a quick survey of your life in this moment, everything from how satisfied you feel in your career to how connected you feel in your day right now.

What choices will you make to improve your life today?

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