a new approach for tackling ‘the blues’

are you on the right path

How do you know you’re on the “right” path?

The answer is easy, but not always what we want to hear:  You’re always on the right path. Even when you’re experiencing a dark night of the soul, getting divorced, just got fired, or feel completely lost, tired and confused about what you’re supposed to be doing in life.  

When you feel disconnected to your place in the world, you’ve become disconnected from yourself.

When you feel disconnected to your place in the world you start looking for answers in familiar people and places. You may search for answers externally–through your peers, social media and material objects–for clues about how you’re supposed to look, act and feel.

When you feel disconnected to your place in the world, it’s time to do some soul searching and remember how to intimately connect with yourself again.  

It’s time for a change

If you feel like you’re swimming upstream, chances are you need a change…

A change in scenery. Get out of the house or office. I used to take regular walks to get out of the office–even on days when I was enjoying myself at work. If you need more than fresh air, go on vacation. Even a weekend getaway can reset your perspective and provide needed clarity.

A change in perspective. Notice how you’re perceiving each situation. If you shifted your perspective, would your challenges feel easier?

Earlier today I was stressing about money as I purchased a flight and accommodations for an upcoming trip. Planning the trip was a blast! I loved hunting for the best flight and a nice place to stay, but my energy shifted from happiness to fear when it was time to whip out my credit card and pay for everything.

I let my worry about spending too much money flow through me for a minute and then I made a conscious effort to shift my perspective. I chose to be grateful for having money to spend instead of fearful that I was spending too much.

A change in perspective has the power to raise your vibration and shift your experience completely.

A change in heart.  Sometimes it’s time to let go and walk away. This route can be challenging because it requires us to become vulnerable and trust ourselves enough to walk away. This can be very challenging because we’re taught to perceive the world with our mind, and our mind is very risk-averse. More often than not, we convince ourselves to stay in bad situations because we convince ourselves it’s easier to suffer than to trust our instincts and take a risk.

Our mind likes to focus on negative outcomes because we’ve been trained to believe that the world is conspiring against us. We try to fit in and avoid rocking the boat, even when our heart is yearning to be seen and heard.

If you’re questioning yourself, pay attention to your heart. What does it want? When you’re wavering on which direction to go, which decision to make, check in with your heart. When you learn to listen to your heart instead of your mind, decisions become easy.

To check in with your heart, hold your hands over your heart and close your eyes. Ask for guidance and direction. Notice what comes up for you. Notice where those thoughts, feelings or emotions come from. Pay attention if your answers stem from your heart or your head.

Take Action

Our mind likes to create elaborate stories in an effort to make sense of life–particularly during times when life feels complicated, unstructured and filled with unknowns. It overanalyzes, makes assumptions, attempts to problem solve and ultimately creates chaos out of insignificant situations.

Journaling is a step toward understanding your emotions. It can be a cathartic expression of bottled up energy that’s ready to be released.

Grab a journal and start purging all your thoughts, questions, stress, confusion, hopes and dreams onto paper. They’re not serving you being jumbled and tossed around in your mind.

The bottom line

The next time you’re feeling lost or confused, remember to take a deep breath and connect with your heart. Ask yourself what you need to move through the situation. Know that your heart holds all the answers.

Developing a habit of regular journaling can help clarify buried emotions and release the burden of holding onto unnecessary stress.

Sometimes, the solution to feeling disconnected can be as simple as a walk around the block, looking at the situation from a different angle or listening to your heart.

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