The three strategies for getting un-stuck

You know that voice in your head? The one that knows your every move and comments on each and every thought that flows through your head? That’s your ego. It would like to keep you safe. Free from fear or personal development or taking risks or doing anything you haven’t already tried, tested and deemed trustworthy.

Your ego also serves a very real purpose, like keeping you alive by reminding you you’re hungry or dehydrated or tired. But it never stops. Constant chatter. Always.

So why would you want to ignore this little voice? Or how could you, even if you wanted to?

Let’s say you want to start selling a product or service. You pour your heart and soul into this new project and when it comes time to launch you freeze. That little voice reminds you something about it needs more tweaking or you start to question if it’s even worth putting “out there” for people to discover.

Your ego tries to keep you safe. And stuck.

So, what to do? How can you eliminate that nagging voice once and for all? Here are three solutions:


Meditation is the best practice to quiet that incessant voice, or ego brain, because it’s literally a practice of quieting the mind. Meditation helps you have more control and power over your thoughts instead of allowing them to run wild.

There aren’t really any rules to meditation and it’s impossible to do wrong. The goal is simply to not think about anything. Let your mind go blank. When you realize you’ve begun to think about something, just go back to thinking about nothing. Closing your eyes helps. 

Take ten minutes every day to close your eyes and quiet your mind. I like to take 10 minutes after I’ve made a cup of coffee in the morning. I use the stopwatch on my phone to track how long I’ve meditated and stop when I feel full or hit my goal. Ten minutes can feel quite long if you’re new to meditation so feel free to start sitting for five minutes.

The front portion of your brain (frontal cortex) is where all your thoughts get analyzed. Maybe you’ve developed a small headache there when you’re being extra analytical or quantitative. If you focus on moving your thoughts to the back part of your brain, you’ll notice analytic thoughts begin to slow down and disappear.

Remember to take deep breaths and just relax during meditation. It’s a few moments where you can be totally selfish with your time. 


If that voice gets super loud or won’t stop chatting the best thing to do is to take a break. Step away from whatever you’re doing and go for a walk around the block, or the park for 15-minutes.

Taking time to clear your thoughts will break the looping pattern of doubt or negativity and leaving your environment literally shifts your perspective and can help generate new thought patterns, ideas and solutions.

Be mindful of what’s happening in your surroundings. Is it a beautiful day? What kinds of birds are flying around? What are the people you pass wearing? Be present in your body and in the moment. Take time to breathe and slow down.

3.     DO A 180˚

If your ego is telling you to avoid, run or eliminate something from your life (say your amazing new business idea) chances are, you should ignore that advice. But since it’s coming from your own mind, it can feel wrong to ignore ideas that may feel right in the moment. 

So how do you know when to trust your inner voice? 

An easy solution is to ask yourself what you really want. Get in touch with yourself and get a sense of what feels right in your gut.

It can feel terrifying to step into unknown, unchartered territory but it’s the best and quickest way to get over fear. Just face it head-on.

Putting yourself “out there,” taking risks and facing fears opens doors in areas of your life you may not even be looking in. Walking in the direction of fear can create opportunities you didn’t even knew you wanted, let alone existed.

The last time I put myself “out there” I provided complimentary energy healing sessions at an old job (that I quit). I was nervous to see old colleagues and share my work with others. I could’ve turned the opportunity down, or call in sick, but I didn’t and after the event I received a few testimonials and a temporary job opportunity out of it, which was totally unexpected and 100% welcome!

So, the next time you hear that voice inside your head chattering away think about what its message is. Is it helping you or keeping you stuck?

You have total and complete control over what happens in your life. When you get out of your ego brain and allow life to flow through you (instead of happen to you) amazing things can happen. Take the time to get out of your own way to let opportunities into your life. Follow the fear. It can lead to magical places.

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