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These Women Get Results

Here are just a few things my clients have achieved in working with me:


Thriving business & personal life

“Cameron has helped me tremendously during challenging times in my life. No matter where I am in the world – Buenos Aires, Austin, Aspen, Puerto Rico… if something comes up, I book an appointment to talk to her. I recommend her to all of my friends and family and can’t recommend her enough!”

– Helen Sharp, founder of Be Influential PR

Exponential growth and transformation

“Cameron is my go-to when I am in need of inspiration, confirmation, assistance in healing past karma, traumas, and understanding soul ties. I feel light and loved after each session with her. I am truly thankful for her being a part of my exponential growth!”

–Nicole Lewis, founder of Lewis Electric

The happiest I’ve ever been

“Working with Cameron has been life-changing for me. Look where I am – the happiest I have ever been! The most I have ever loved myself! The most courage I’ve had. Nothing is stopping me. I am beyond grateful.”

–Renee Greene, Broker, Chicago, IL


A guide through difficult changes

“I have sought out her expertise for four years and her connection to the energetic field has helped guide me through difficult changes, making them flow smoothly over the years. She has a very loving, positive, and calm approach to things that can be scary. I highly recommend working with her!”

– Desiree Irwin, co-founder of Twinray Music

More joyful & satisfied with life

“I’ve made more mindset and schedule shifts in the last two weeks than I was able to accomplish in the last couple years! I feel so much more joyful, in control, and satisfied with my life because of the work I’ve done with Cameron.”

– Megan Blacksmith, co-founder of Zesty Ginger

anxiety and physical ailments vanished

“My anxiety has vanished along with all of my physical ailments. It’s really a miracle! Cameron is such an amazing healer! She’s easy to talk to, uplifting, professional, and non-judgemental, but words really can’t do her justice she has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life.”

– Kaley Johnson, Naperville, IL





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