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A 77-card deck + guidebook by cameron giles

The Energetics of Color is a tool for open-hearted, curious individuals seeking to enhance their self-care and awaken their intuitive connection to the vibrant world of color wisdom. 

Artwork by Lori Menna.

• 77-card deck
• Color guidebook
• Premium card stock (400 gsm)

The Energetics of Color

Self-Exploration like you've never experienced



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Ziva Meditation truly changed my life. It's a 15-day online program that transformed not only the way I meditate, but how I sleep and respond to stress. Outside of energy healing, it's my #1 recommended resource for self-care.


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To know your Love Language is to understand how you express and receive love. Learning my own love languages helped me better understand my relationship with my partner, myself and others. I recommend this free quiz to anyone hoping to better understand the powerful language of love.


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The Energetics of Color is a 77-card deck and guidebook that explores the hidden messages and healing properties of color. Over 60-hours in meditation was spent bringing this deck to life and I recommend it for all creators looking to find more magic in everyday life. Save 10% with code: LOVEGLOW


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Breathwork offers a profound physical release of energy, transporting the mind and body to inspiring new places. Madeline incorporates angel energy into each of her sessions and offers pre-recorded classes online. The insight I receive after each session is incredible and invaluable!


The Every Year Calendar invites you to live more fully as you set personal, spiritual and professional goals, write daily intentions, and reflect on thought-provoking questions about your own self-discovery. No matter what your dreams are, this journal will help you envision the bigger picture.


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Interested in how releasing stuck emotions could change your life?

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Use the intuitive toolkit to find clarity and make confident decisions.

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