Ready to show up


Should I take this new job or not? 
Or start my own business?
Will hiring a salesperson triple my business?
Or should I wait a little longer?
How do I navigate life now after a baby?
Am I ready? For any of it?
Something’s missing. Something’s off.
What do I want really???

If you’re scribbling questions like these every morning in your journal, obsessing over them during coffee with your girlfriends, or pulling out tarot cards to draw yet another card to see how you really feel…stop. 

You’re standing in the noisy, crowded intersection between who you are and who you’re becoming. There’s a lot going on, you’ve got big decisions to make, and you’re not sure what you should be focusing on right now. You’re not sure why you resist the things that you know will take you further. Do you not really want it or are you just not willing to work for it? You feel weighed down, tightly wound, and nervous. Overwhelmed, overcommitted, and plain old stressed out.

You want to ride the waves of change with grace. You want to feel centered and grounded. To know you’re focusing on the right things and spending your energy where it will have the greatest impact. To make changes that move the needle forward on your goals and dreams in a meaningful way. You want to feel confident in every decision, trusting that every choice is aligned with what you really want, not what you think you should want. You want to know exactly what you desire and dance towards it with ease and joy.


Good news: A Love Glow session will clear the fog of indecision and shine a warm, loving light on what you can’t see yourself.


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Working with Cameron has been life-changing for me. Look where I am – the happiest I have ever been! The most I have ever loved myself! The most courage I’ve had. Nothing is stopping me.






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