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Learn how to create a life you love

Turning inward is the doorway to your truth.

In order to get to where you want to be, you have to plan for your success. You have to make a vision of your life that’s so intoxicating and exciting that you run towards it, rather than just try to get yourself to take action out of fear, avoiding pain. The negative blocks of fear and pain just mean you will avoid taking action and stay stuck until you move them.

That woman you want to become? Let’s befriend her.
Is she a world-famous tango instructor? 
Is she a renowned author with raving fans all over the world?
Are her dinner parties so legendary that friends bribe her for invites?
Does she spend a month in Rome every year? 
Does she earn seven figures from her own business?
Does she take a hike each Saturday morning with the love of her life?

Or does she simply wake up every morning and leap out of bed?
Does she rest her head at night with satisfaction at how she spends her days?
Does she smile for no reason at all, no external conditions required for her internal happiness?

Let’s dream her into being then identify the exact steps you need to take to become her, brick by brick, step by step, twirl by twirl.





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