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After 6+ years of working with groundbreaking genius women on reinventing the relationship with themselves, I can testify that the women who get the biggest results are the ones who put the most in, who commit to a long-term plan that supports their long-term vision.

Permanent shifts aren’t made after 3 sessions

here's the thing


Program Options

The self-care maintenance package with accountability, support, and just enough magic to carve a clear path to your biggest dreams.

Nurture Package

4 sessions


Four sessions – one session/month

3 monthly payments

pay in full



The Mercedes-Benz of my offerings to give you white glove, top shelf, Queen Bee royal support in becoming the biggest, boldest, brightest you.

Love Glow Package

8 sessions


eight sessions – two bi-weekly sessions/mo.

3 monthly payments

pay in full



Don't see a payment option that works for you? Want weekly sessions? Or a custom program with a specific number of sessions? Not a problem! I'm happy to accommodate your needs.

Contact me about what you're envisioning and I'll work with you to make it happen!

DIY Package



Naperville, IL

Kaley Johnson

When I struggled with postpartum anxiety, Cameron immediately (and somewhat miraculously) made me feel more balanced. I initially started working with her whenever I felt a little out of whack to recenter, but now I see her consistently every month to “recalibrate” and make sure I don’t get to a low point in the first place. Every session is more interesting than the last, and with her help, I feel like the puzzle pieces of my life keep falling into place.

The puzzle pieces of my life keep falling into place

Co-founder of Zesty Ginger

Megan Blacksmith

I’ve made more mindset and schedule shifts in the last two weeks than I was able to accomplish in the last couple years! I feel so much more joyful, in control, and satisfied with my life because of the work I’ve done with Cameron.

More joyful & satisfied with life


Kelly McCann

I felt as though there was a release of bad energy that I always felt but never knew how to explain or vocalize. After working with Cameron, there was a lightness and balance I felt inside that’s helping me live life to the fullest.

A release of bad energy I always felt

Working with me long-term as your go-to form of self-care for yourself and your business means that you won’t be in crisis mode every time a problem hits. Maintaining a calm, balanced energy body means you’ll be in a grounded, confident place to help you manage dumpster fires with ease and grace (and head off a lot of fires before they get started by putting regular attention on your energy and how it’s informing your life and your choices).

Intermittent energy healing is really best used to work on a specific issue, while receiving energy work over the course of a year, for example, you're able to cover all areas of your life—personal, professional, and everything in between. The best results come with time and consistency.

Clients who feel ready for weekly energy work experience tremendous transformations, as we're able to shift out of general maintenance of the energy body and into a bigger-picture growth and expansion of your spiritual evolution. With less energetic weight, you'll begin to see big shifts within your life in a very tangible and exciting way.

Clients who receive weekly energy healing have reported the largest transformations within themselves and their lives.

Yes. If you no longer wish to continue receiving energy work, I'd be happy to refund the remainder of your program balance, after all used sessions have been paid in full. 

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