our work together



Our Work Together

I’ll observe your energy fields for funkiness or blockages then work with you to release any blocks or imbalances. We’ll work to shine a warm, loving light on any repressed emotions, limiting beliefs, or old stories hiding out in your psyche. Using a variety of techniques, such as chakra rebalancing, reviewing relationship contracts, and examining past lives, I’ll work to shake, shift, and clear those blockages until your energy is flowing again and you feel lighter and brighter. 

You’ll leave each session feeling rebalanced, like you’ve had a full body tuneup from the inside out. You’ll feel unburdened and have clarity on what’s been standing in your way, what you really want, and what to focus on next and how to go get it.

You’ll feel my signature Love Glow—the feeling of calm, clarity, peace, and love that comes from balanced energy and an inner life that supports the outer life you desire.




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