about cam


Hello, Lovely!

I’m Cameron Giles.

I help ambitious women clear a path to their future with radiance, strategy, and heart.

I love nothing more than helping you break through both real and perceived barriers to lead a richer, more joyful life through energy healing.

A few years ago I felt lost and confused about my direction, clueless about the energy body and its significance in my health and well-being.

Why do I feel stuck? How do I let go of the stress I seem to always be carrying? Why can’t I find a direction that makes me happy?

Now, joy is my norm, as I flow with the creative direction of my life. I do work that I love and interact with dream clients daily because a balanced internal body creates a thriving external life.

And now I’d love to help you too! Energy work may be mysterious but it’s not full of secrets. I’m sharing all my secrets in the free training. So what are you waiting for? Get inside the training right now!






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