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My Story

Back in 2013, I found myself at a crossroads. Stuck in my salaried desk-job, I dreamed of becoming a personal stylist to the tech-men of San Francisco. I needed a change but didn’t know how to tame the self-doubt and terrible fear of failure that kept me stuck in place, wonder how the hell I could ever get what I really wanted in life. As it happens, the darkest time in my life helped me seek out some light. I needed turn things around for myself so I signed up for a Master’s program in Intuition Medicine®, hoping the program would provide some clarity about what my life’s purpose was. 

The first few classes were an introduction to energy medicine but felt like I had signed up to be a student at Hogwarts! Learning how to detect and replenish imbalanced energy within me was literally life-changing. After only three months in the program, I mustered the nerve to quit my job, figuring I’d live off savings until I “figured it out”.

It’s been almost 10-years and I figured out enough to learn that my driving factor is love. The love of the game that “figuring it out” entails. The love of badass women who are fueled by their desire to make a difference. The love of peering into the unknown, unseen facets of the human drama known as life to support others in their own pursuits of love.

In the last week of the master’s program, it occurred to me that intuition medicine was my magic. It was the purpose I was looking for, the reason I never went back to working for anyone but myself, and the reason I’m here today, helping other women who are working hard to figure it out know that they don’t have to do it alone. 

I’ll help you figure it out. Click here to get started.





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