Love Glow

The Mercedes Benz of my offerings to give you white glove, top shelf, Queen Bee royal support in becoming the biggest, boldest, brightest you in the next four months.

Because here’s the thing about energy work: permanent shifts aren’t made in one session, or even in three. 

After 6+ years of working with groundbreaking genius women on reinventing the relationship with themselves, I can testify that the women who get the biggest results are the ones who put the most in, who commit to a long-term plan that supports their long-term vision.

The Life Beautiful Project is that long-term plan. 

It’s a four-month commitment to energy work as a non-negotiable part of your self-care with accountability, support, and just enough magic to carve a clear path to your biggest dreams, a path that you will dance along, barefoot under the stars with arms in the air, like the whole, fully empowered woman that you truly are. In other words…energy work makes the journey feel just as good as the destination.

(Spoiler alert: starting with how you want to feel in the end will take you there.)


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My work with Cameron has been more than therapy. More than yoga. More than going to church. More than anything. Every session leaves me more grounded and uplifted. A truly beautiful experience.

— Carmen Reed, Houston, TX





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