Hamster Wheel


Blocked energy is a hamster wheel, a vicious cycle. 

Most problems go something like this:

Without even knowing you believe it, you have a major limiting belief about how good you deserve to feel lurking just under the surface of your consciousness. That unseen belief forms an energy block; it doesn’t want your energy to flow, because it’s scared of what will happen when it does. So then if you feel blocked, scared, and indecisive…you don’t show up for the things that matter. Not showing up for the things that matter means…you stay exactly where you are in life. Which reinforces the belief that you don’t deserve for your life to be any better than it is now.

See how that works?

My work is about helping you discover: where do you feel blocked? What are your perceived limitations—real or make believe? Where are you holding back? What patterns of resistance or fear would you like to release? Where do you feel limited in these areas of your life?

• Professionally
• Emotionally
• Physically
• Spiritually

• Creatively
• Socially
• Financially
• Romantically

Don’t wait for the shift you crave. Create one.



Carmen Reed.png


My work with Cameron has been more than therapy. More than yoga. More than going to church. More than anything. Every session leaves me more grounded and uplifted. A truly beautiful experience.

— Carmen Reed, Houston, TX




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