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Welcome to Love Glow!

Here are a few notes to read before we get started together…


preparing for an energy healing session

How to Prepare


  • Find a quiet place with no distractions where you can feel fully present. Set aside 5-10 minutes to breathe, make tea, light a candle or simply relax. I will help you get grounded, but you may get more out of the session if you are already relaxed 🙂

  • Have a paper and pen available to take notes (you will also receive an audio recording of your session).

  • You may wish to set an intention, or a goal, around what you’d like to achieve in our time together. Think about why you scheduled a session–what aspect of your life do you need support around?

  • Please do not drive or engage in other activities during your session.

What to expect in an energy healing session

What to Expect


  • We’ll start each session with a brief chat where you can update me with happenings you’d like to share or discuss items you’d like to focus on in our time together.

  • As you move through each week, be sure to give yourself the time and space needed to release, process, and move forward. Sometimes that may look like taking a nap, other times it could look like quiet reflection through journaling or meditation, or it could feel like a burst of energy. Wherever you find yourself along this journey, practice patience with yourself and with this process.

  • Each week your energy healing session will look a little different. As you begin aligning with your truth, new opportunities and challenges may present themselves for you to work through. Please remember that I am here for you 100 percent of the way. I invite you to use me as a support system if you’re struggling through a particularly challenging time or want to share a spectacular breakthrough with me, I’m here for you.




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