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Frequently Asked Questions


+ Do we meet in person or over Zoom?

I meet clients exclusively over Zoom.

+ Does energy healing really work if we’re not in the same room?

Yes! I don’t need to be in the same room with you to thoroughly examine your energy fields or cleanse and rebalance them just the same way you don’t have to be in the same room with a lover to know how they feel about you or if they’re thinking of you. It’s all…energy. Click here to check out some words from my clients specifically about their experiences working with me long-distance.

+ Will I really see big results in just one year?

Girl, YES. Quite honestly? With daily effort, you can be living a completely different life in three months. I’ve seen it happen again and again and again. And here’s the thing: one of your energetic blocks may be that you don’t trust yourself to do the work. So if you’re reading this page feeling both hopeful that this could be exactly what you need but also skeptical that you really have what it takes, that it will be one more thing you sign up for and don’t complete, or that you won’t put in the work…that is very likely the exact energetic block we need to remove in order for you to succeed. If this is you, I STRONGLY recommend that you commit to yourself for the next year to shift this.

+ How much does it cost?

It’s a huge discount from my smaller packages to incentivize you to commit to your long-term vision. (I want that so badly for you!) My normal 3-month minimum comes out to $225 per session. By signing up for a year, the cost per session will be $159 per session if you pay in full or $167 if you opt for the payment plan. That’s like getting 4 free sessions—the equivalent of four months of support on the house just by committing to yourself and this work. PLUS—this includes unlimited email support, which is clutch when you don’t have time for a session but need a quick adjustment.

+ What kind of results can I expect from working wiht you long-term?

While three sessions provide immediate relief, working with me long-term as your go-to form of self-care for yourself and your business means that you won’t be in crisis mode by the time a problem hits. You’ll be in a calm, confident place that means you can deal with sh*tstorms with ease and grace. You’ll also head off a lot of storms before they get started by putting regular attention on your energy and how it’s informing your life and your choices. Additionally, a three-session package is really best used to work on 1-2 issues. Over the course of a year, we can cover all areas of your life—personal, professional, and everything in between. The best results come with time and consistency.

+ Are you psychic?

No. And I can’t tell your fortune…at least not in the traditional way. Here’s what I can tell you about your future: it is 100% determined by the actions you take today. Energy healing is the best way I know to remove the blocks preventing you from getting exactly where you want to go. Please don’t wait another year. Let THIS be the year that you finally become the change you seek.





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