energy healing works


How Energy Healing Works

Intuitive energy healing works by connecting the results you’re getting (or not getting) back to your energetic blocks and clearing them.

Just how you clean out the lint filter in your dryer and toss that cottony blob in the trash, complete with a few stray hairs from your dog, energy healing will catch all the old experiences and beliefs that are no longer serving you and scrape them off so you can remember what brings you joy and discard the rest. I’ll do a full Marie Kondo on your energetic fields, figure out what’s blocking you, and help you let that sh*t go.

We all have blind spots. Most of us can’t read our own energy—I’m a master energy healer and even I can’t do this work entirely for myself. You can’t always put your finger on what’s bothering you and need an outside perspective to spot your muddy third chakra, or to notice that your shoulders jump five inches when you talk about an employee that’s not working out.




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