Energy Healing Is-Isnt


 Energy Healing Is: 

Immediate: Most clients report a shift in energy and a feeling of relief and clarity after their very first session.

Efficient: Your energy is all-encompassing and affects everything from your liver to your lovers, so by addressing it, you’re addressing multiple issues at once.

Long-Term: Regular sessions will help you keep clear of energetic gunk that accumulates and avoid future problems by never letting them start.

Reliable: My clients all say the one thing they love about sessions with me is that they get results every single time we meet.

Convenient: Energy healing works exactly the same whether you’re two inches or two thousand miles away, and we’ll meet for our sessions over Zoom. If you’re not sure about doing this work remotely, check out some words from my clients specifically about their experiences working with me long-distance.

Personalized: Your session will be tailored to your specific needs and goals, which we’ll start to uncover together before each session.

Exciting: While the results are reliable (clear energy, a tangible shift), there’s always something a little unexpected that emerges in each session, usually something you didn’t know about yourself that’s super exciting and opens up new possibilities that you could never come up with linear thinking alone.

Energy Healing Isn’t:

Therapy: If you’re dealing with a serious mental illness, energy healing is no replacement for therapy with a licensed professional.

Religious: Zero religious traditions will be invoked during your session. 

Exclusive: I welcome people of all genders, races, and backgrounds to work with me. There are no prerequisites and no required knowledge to have a session.

Magic: While energy healing can certainly feel magical, I sadly can’t wave a magic wand and poof your way to the ball, like Cinderella. However, if you complete your homework and follow through with the next steps that emerge during your session, you’ll meet the energetic healing with action, which is all the magic you need to get where you want to go.





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