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This is where I come in.

As you already know, I can see the blind spots and energy blocks you’re unaware of and help you release them. Going through this release process 1-2 times a month throughout the year means your work will start to build on itself.

It’s a process not unlike a meditation practice. You meditate a few times and feel better, so then you…stop meditating. You’ve made some forward movement towards leading a less stressful, more grounded life, but not enough to see a permanent shift in mental clarity, more emotional stability, and less stress in your body. So then you find yourself back in this vicious cycle of feeling better temporarily than feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed again.

Freeing yourself from energetic weight works the same way. You do one session, you feel great, so then you think — I’m done! But imagine how much better you’ll feel repeating that process again and again and again.

Let’s move your life forward in a tangible and permanent way, not just rely on quick fixes that temporarily make you feel better, but ultimately don’t create the change you yearn for. 

I’ve been working with Cameron on mindset and belief systems for the last couple months. She’s been KEY for me exploring the relationship with myself, with my loved ones, with my business, and with my health in new and illuminating ways. My work with Cameron has been literally life-changing.

— Alex Golden, co-founder of Zesty Ginger





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