Clarity Questionnaire

 Clarity Questionnaire

I encourage you to answer the following questions. You will not share your answers with me, although you may if you choose to. Instead, they’re designed to provide guidance for you, helping you get clear about what it is you’d like to accomplish in our work together. Take your time with each question and revisit your answers as needed throughout our work together.

  1. What is your intention, or goal, in signing up for intuitive energy healing? What are you hoping to get out of our work together?

  2. What would you say is your biggest challenge or pain point at the moment?

  3. What do you do for fun?

  4. How do you let off steam if you’re stressed?

  5. What hopes and dreams do you have for yourself?

  6. Where do you feel limited in life?

  7. What’s one thing you can do TODAY to relieve some of the stress you’re feeling?

  8. Are there any challenging relationships you’ve experienced? List any relationships you may be interested in receiving clarity around in our work together.

  9. What pressing questions do you have about your life? Yourself? Your career? Your aspirations? Your pain points? Your direction? Make a long list of all the general questions you have.




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