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Let’s clear up some rumors about what energy healing really is, shall we? In this post, I explore a few common myths about energy work.

4 Ridiculous myths about energy healing

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Your invisible boundary, otherwise known as your aura, may be the culprit for your low energy levels, shaky health, emotional wellbeing, stress levels and so much more.

How to set healthy boundaries: The Aura Guide

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The truth is, there’s a simple, yet fundamental difference between the ego (analytic thought) and intuition (inspired thought) that, after reading this, you’ll never confuse the two again.

The #1 question asked by intuitive energy healing clients

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This upgraded energy frequency is much softer and lighter than what we’ve been used to, and the shift into this new frequency may be causing some extra challenges if your body wasn’t fully prepared for an energetic upgrade.

A new + improved energy frequency in 2021

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You don’t have to struggle or suffer. Let’s start changing your story with these four steps…

4-Steps to a cathartic release of blocked emotions

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Your external life is a reflection of the strength and balance of your chakras. Learn how each chakra is connected to your wellbeing.

The ultimate guide to understanding your chakras

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