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Client love

S.S., New York City, NY

"Working with Cameron left me feeling optimistic about having a fresh start, opening a new chapter, and getting back in touch with my strength." 

Back in touch with my strength

LISA, Rohnert Park, CA

"I came away with a renewed, open perspective and a stronger sense of confidence in trusting my own intuition. Cameron has a great energy about her that is contagious." 

Renewed, open perspective, + confidence

MADELINE GILES, Founder of Angelic Breath Healing

"I had been working long hours and found it challenging to relax. After working with Cameron I feel totally relaxed and recharged –
she is an intuitive genius!" 

Totally relaxed + recharged

J.V., Chicagoland

"My work with Cameron helped me find a lot of clarity and affirmed some truths I had been pushing down. I feel so much lighter and free after our work together." 

I feel so much lighter + free

I've been working with Cameron on mindset and belief systems for the last couple months. She’s been KEY for me exploring the relationship with myself, with my loved ones, with my business, and with my health in new and illuminating ways. My work with Cameron has been literally life-changing. She has all sorts of ways--that I’ve found incredibly helpful--to make this process so much more streamlined and effective!


Literally Life-Changing

Client  Love

When I struggled with postpartum anxiety, Cameron immediately (and somewhat miraculously) made me feel more balanced. Every session is more interesting than the last, and with her help, I feel like the puzzle pieces of my life keep falling into place. I rely on my sessions with her to keep me feeling like my best self. Cameron is easy to talk to, uplifting, professional and non-judgemental, but words really can’t do her justice she has had such a profoundly positive impact on my life.


The puzzle pieces of my life keep falling into place

Client  Love

My work with Cameron has been more than therapy. More than yoga. More than going to church. More than anything. Every session leaves me more grounded and uplifted. A truly beautiful experience.


My work with Cameron has been more than therapy. More than yoga. More than going to church.

Client  Love

Ontario, Canada

"I feel much lighter and less fearful than I have in a long time."

portland, OR

"Cameron created a shift within me. She unlocked a clearer path towards what I had been seeking."

San Francisco, CA

"Cameron has opened my mind to a new way of taking care of myself."

Kind Words

Gina, Chicago, IL

"Working with Cameron was one of the most beautiful experiences I’ve ever had.”

Founder of Be Influential PR

Helen Sharp

"I've worked with Cameron over the past three years to check in and feel more energetically balanced within my business or personal life. 

She has helped me tremendously during challenging times in my life by cutting cords and clearing unnecessary energy from past relationships that helped me to move on and thrive. I recommend her to all of my friends and family and can't recommend her enough!"

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Broker, Chicago, IL

Renee Greene

Working with Cameron has been life-changing for me. Look where I am – the happiest I have ever been! The most I have ever loved myself! The most courage I’ve had. Nothing is stopping me.

"The happiest I've ever been!"

Co-Founder of Zesty Ginger

Megan Blacksmith

I’ve made more mindset and schedule shifts in the last two weeks than I was able to accomplish in the last couple years! I feel so much more joyful, in control, and satisfied with my life because of the work I’ve done with Cameron.

More joyful + satisfied with life

Co-Founder of TwinRay Music

Desiree Irwin

Cameron Giles is an extremely gifted intuitive. I have sought out her expertise for four years and her connection to the the energetic field has helped guide me through difficult changes, making them flow smoothly over the years. She has a very loving, positive, and calm approach to things that can be scary. I highly recommend working with her. She is the gift that keeps on giving!

A guide through difficult changes

San francisco, ca

"Cameron helped me step outside my comfort zone and realize my full potential. Her guidance supported me in living a more purposeful, happy life."

life coach &
spiritual mentor

"I was able to look at my life from a new perspective and move forward through my healing journey with helpful insight. Cameron is amazing. She always made me feel comfortable and safe."

Kelly McCan

"I felt as though there was a release of bad energy that I always felt but never knew how to explain or vocalize. After working with Cameron, there was a lightness and balance I felt inside that’s helping me live life to the fullest."

Kind Words

Founder of Lewis Electric

Nicole Lewis

"My experience working with Cameron has been transformational, to say the least. She’s been a mentor to me in energy healing modalities and an all around positive loving soul. 

She’s my go to when I am in need of inspiration, confirmation, assistance in healing past karma, traumas, and understanding soul ties. I feel light and loved after each session with her. I am truly thankful for her being a part of my growth, exponentially."

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