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Loving words
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about life's biggest mysteries.

welcome to the journal

I believe in magic. Magic is allowing the journey to unfold at its own pace without pressuring an outcome. It's understanding the presence of fear and mustering the courage to keep going anyway. Magic is alive in every moment and when we chose to recognize the beauty that pads our life, the world opens up to reveal extraordinary possibilities.

The articles on this page are a self-exploration of magic.

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Creativity can be a process and needs space for ideas to form and grow.

13 strategies for getting refocused + unblocked

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You don’t have to struggle or suffer. Let’s start changing your story with these four steps…

4-Steps to a cathartic release of blocked emotions

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Your external life is a reflection of the strength and balance of your chakras. Learn how each chakra is connected to your wellbeing.

The ultimate guide to understanding your chakras

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On a scale of 1-10, how satisfied do you feel? This is a list is to help you take easy, actionable steps toward a more stress-free lifestyle.

25 habits of non-stressed people

what clients are saying

"Our sessions have been more rewarding than I could ever put into words. When we first started I was at such a roadblock in my life, and now I can approach the future with a clearer understanding and patience for how everything will unfold just as it should and when the time is right."

-Karly, Houston, TX

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