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welcome to the journal

I believe in magic. Magic is allowing the journey to unfold at its own pace without pressuring an outcome. It's understanding the presence of fear and mustering the courage to keep going anyway. Magic is alive in every moment and when we chose to recognize the beauty that pads our life, the world opens up to reveal extraordinary possibilities.

The articles on this page are a self-exploration of magic.

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Let’s clear up some rumors about what energy healing really is, shall we? In this post, I explore a few common myths about energy work.

4 Ridiculous myths about energy healing

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Are you are giving into all of life’s demands but neglecting to care for yourself? Here are a few tips to help you pave a clearer path forward.

The 5 biggest mistakes keeping you stuck in your blind spots

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Your invisible boundary, otherwise known as your aura, may be the culprit for your low energy levels, shaky health, emotional wellbeing, stress levels and so much more.

How to set healthy boundaries: The Aura Guide

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The truth is, there’s a simple, yet fundamental difference between the ego (analytic thought) and intuition (inspired thought) that, after reading this, you’ll never confuse the two again.

The #1 question asked by intuitive energy healing clients

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This upgraded energy frequency is much softer and lighter than what we’ve been used to, and the shift into this new frequency may be causing some extra challenges if your body wasn’t fully prepared for an energetic upgrade.

A new + improved energy frequency in 2021

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We are constantly evolving as people. Celebrating new victories that launch our confidence levels or sense of empowerment forward. Letting go of old habits, people, or protocols to live by which don’t resonate anymore.

Moon Rituals: Guidelines for healing through the moon phases

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Hope for a brighter future is something we all desire. It seems fundamental to our human nature to constantly be hoping for or working toward achieving more for ourselves. But what happens when life doesn’t turn out as planned?

A mental paradigm shift on the meaning of success

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When you learn how to let go of the distractions that are keeping you stuck or afraid to take risks, you unlock a life filled with more passion than you’ve dreamed possible.

What is energy healing?

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Journaling can be a quick, cathartic release of pent up baggage that can drag you down and make you feel stuck. However, there are a few simple things to keep in mind if you do decide to put pen to paper.

Journaling 101: 3-Steps to getting started

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Are you struggling to trust yourself or trust the process of life? This simple mantra will support you in times of stress and doubt.

What is a mantra and how to find one that works for you

what clients are saying

"Our sessions have been more rewarding than I could ever put into words. When we first started I was at such a roadblock in my life, and now I can approach the future with a clearer understanding and patience for how everything will unfold just as it should and when the time is right."

-Karly, Houston, TX

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