A. Facing a major life decision and yearning for sweet clarity.
B. Living through a moment of crisis you desperately need support navigating.
C. Feeling blocked in your career and life, but aren’t sure why.
D. Checking this out because your friend won’t stop talking about how life-changing her sessions with me are.

If you’re here reading this, you’re probably one of the following:

your body,
your thoughts,
your emotions,
and how you show up for
your life every day

Energy is all parts of you that can be seen and sensed:

With your clients and coworkers. With your family. With your partner. With time: giving too much or not enough. With money: investing it in things you’ll cherish or blowing it on stuff you don’t really need. 

Energy is also measured by how you feel, both day-to-day and long term. High energy, low energy, panicked energy, joyful energy. Sometimes you know exactly why you feel a certain way. (“I shouldn’t have let my love talk me into ‘just one more’ episode of The Office last night.”) Other times, you wake up and realize you’ve felt off for a long time, but you aren’t really sure why.

You exchange energy all day, every day

Actual, physical waves of energy. Every single thing that you are and every single thing that you do absorbs, contains, and releases electromagnetic waves as your cells fire on, supporting your life. Your thoughts and emotions release energy because literally—your brain cells are firing. 

What’s this “energy” you speak of?

Wellness begins within...

There’s nothing metaphorical or abstract here; we’re talking about your real, physical, tangible waves of energy.

Your Energy = Your Reality


To help you stop wasting your energy on indecision, self-doubt, and distractions and start spending it on what really matters to you. In short, I’ll suss out all your unseen energy leaks and blockages, Sherlock Holmes-style, and help you let that sh*t go.

My Mission

In addition to helping you identify unfelt emotions and remove unconscious blocks, I’ll reveal your secret unknowns—your previously undiscovered wisdom, unsuspected opportunities, un-navigated adventures, and unseen destinations—and bring them to the surface.

The clear, shimmering path ahead of you becomes the road on which you build the belief that you deserve everything you want (and more!) then design and create your life from that place of belief in yourself, your abilities, and your inherent worth.

A good life is more than just eliminating problems

I’m Cameron, and for 6+ years, I’ve helped hundreds of soul-centered hustlers, creators, and change-makers clear a path to their future with radiance, strategy, and heart through intuitive energy healing. I specialize in guiding women through major energetic shifts, and I help those searching for meaning and direction live into their next level of greatness.

I’ll show you what you can’t see

I trained with Francesca McCartney at the Academy of Intuition Medicine®, I’m a certified Master of Intuition (MIM), and I am Reiki II trained. No matter where you find yourself in life, I'm here for you.

It’s a no brainer. 
A no risk deal. 
A win win. 
A “where have you been all of my life?!”

I can’t wait to talk to you.


If so, let’s work together so you can start feeling the Love Glow, too.


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