A new + improved energy frequency in 2021


a new and improved energy frequency in 2021

2021 is already proving itself to be a curious year. Following the intense drama, and drastic personal and professional shifts of 2020, we’re learning how to assimilate ourselves into a new normal, where there is now more light and space on earth for transparency. Where there is less room to hide from yourself and the dreams and aspirations you’ve been putting off.

If you’re feeling like the walls are caving in on your life, it’s probably time to do a deep spring cleaning of your belief systems about what you need to be focusing on right now. In a word, it’s time to simplify.

Simplifying means scrapping all the tedious muck that is standing between you and where you want to be. It means throwing away ideas or expectations about who you are and what your life should look like right now. It means letting go of what isn’t working for you and giving yourself permission to start making new standards to live by. Standards that fit your actual needs (like mustering the courage to trust the person you’re becoming).

If you’re feeling the pressure to change, grow, be, do, or live differently than you are (and achieve the results you’re looking for, yesterday), you’re not alone, sister. Carving your own path and determining your unique, individual creative genius isn’t necessarily a course you can sign up for. It’s more like a wild ride you find yourself on.

The good news is, you have complete control over the ride you’re on and no matter where you find yourself, you will come out on top in the end.

This month, I’ve noticed an energetic shift inside my clients, almost like an operating system upgrade has occurred overnight inside of our bodies. This upgraded energy frequency is much softer and lighter than what we’ve been used to, and the shift into this new frequency may be causing some extra challenges if your body wasn’t fully prepared for an energetic upgrade (more on that in a few).

Having access to this new energy means we’re able to move through challenges with more ease and grace, we’re better equipped to live in the present moment, leaving the past in the past, and have a greater capacity to move forward through the good times and bad with less friction and turmoil and more clarity and peace of mind.

Grounding your body is the key to aligning with this new energy and the fastest, most efficient way to simplify.

An easy way to ground your body is to go outside and connect with nature. Plant flowers or vegetables, go on a nature walk, walk around outside barefoot, drink hot cocoa next to a crackling fire, bury your feet in the sand, or let your body soak in the healing rays of the sun. In order to disconnect from the chaos you may be experiencing at the moment, you need to reconnect with the innate simplicity of the natural order found within Mother Nature.

By taking some time – or even some time off – to connect with nature, you’re not only fueling your body with nurturing grounding energy, you’re giving yourself time and space to reconnect with yourself. And being in touch with yourself and your needs is the greatest form of self-love and the easiest way to simplify that I can share with you.


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Hi Friend! My name is Cameron Giles and my mission with intuitive energy healing is to help ambitious women like you believe in yourself and figure out the right path forward – at work and in life. I specialize in guiding entrepreneurs through major energetic shifts in order to gain clarity and confidence about yourself, your relationships, your business, and your life. Whether you’re just starting out in a new career or a seasoned professional, my goal is to provide eye-opening experiences that nourish your soul from the inside out.

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a new and improved energy frequency in 2021


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