A mental paradigm shift on the meaning of success


A mental paradigm shift on the meaning of success

Being in flux is the state of living with constant changes and I would say “in flux” is exactly what life feels like at the moment. 

Change is happening at a pace that feels uncomfortable. Our world that once was so predictable, comfortable even, is now filled with so many uncertainties and unknowns it’s easy to get swept up in the struggle that can accompany change rather than focus on the beauty of possibility that also accompanies change. 

Hope for a brighter future is something we all desire. It seems fundamental to our human nature to constantly be hoping for or working toward achieving more for ourselves. 

“Success” before coronavirus could be determined by several external factors. What kind of flashy car do you drive? What kind of fancy gadgets do you own? How many followers do you have? How many hours did you put in? What were your year-end numbers? We could look to others “successes” and judge ourselves accordingly. If you had more than someone else, you could consider yourself winning at life. But if you had less, you’d strive to earn more, work harder or else feel really shitty about not wanting to work harder but still wanting to earn more and not living up to your own standards. Life before coronavirus, we found ourselves on a hamster wheel, in competition with others but, really, we were just competing with ourselves. 

What if we were to use all the abundantly extra time we may find ourselves with and use it to create a better world for ourselves right now? What if we could lay the groundwork to create a new success story for ourselves?

Let me paint a picture of what this could look like: 

Tomorrow success could look like choosing to eat strawberries and yogurt for breakfast…or a donut. The fact that you had something fresh, either baked by someone else with love or homegrown by Mother Earth herself, the luxury of food on your plate is enough. 

Tomorrow success could look like a vacation day spent doing only the things you love to do, only the things you love to do happen to be the same things you’d do on vacation. You now give yourself permission to enjoy hanging out with your family for hours and set aside a smaller chunk of time to light a candle, open the laptop and get productive within a structured period of time. More time for play. Less time worrying about life things you’re not enthusiastic about. 

Tomorrow success could look like filling your heart up with love just for being you. Knowing you don’t need to change or do more. When you love yourself, your love spreads out into the world without doing anything at all. Your energy spreads simply by smiling. Your love for yourself is contagious and spreads to others. 

Tomorrow can be anything you dream it to be, but only if you take action today.

Being in flux is the perfect time to make adjustments to life as you know it. Now is the perfect opportunity to find the help, read the books, create the dreams that have been percolating in your mind. Your aspirations will continue to tap you on the shoulder until you remember that you have not been forgotten. 

The you that is ready to live with more love, more freedom, more generosity, more fun is ready to be thrown a bone, or taken out of her box. The brave, strong woman inside of you is ready to be acknowledged in any way you’re ready to show up for her.

Musings of the mind:

  • In what ways do you want your life to be different? What would you change about your life as it is now? Dream big. As if anything is possible.

  • What do you find stressful about your life as it is today?

  • What adjustments can you make today to make tomorrow easier?

  • What adjustments can you make today to have more fun tomorrow?


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A mental paradigm shift on the meaning of success

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