4-Steps to a cathartic release of blocked emotions


If you’ve ever wondered what energy healing is you’re not alone. 

To put it simply, energy healing is the process and practice of uncovering the REAL you – the woman who knows how to laugh, play, be messy, make mistakes and love with all her heart.

Energy work is about finally releasing those nagging fears and limiting beliefs and learning what ‘owning your power’ really means. 

So much of this work is about shedding old drama that was never effectively dealt with, or processed. Over time, these old emotions can restrict your energy centers and disrupt the steady flow of life. 

I want to help you get started letting go of old drama today.  

You’ll need:

  • A pen

  • A journal or paper

You don’t have to struggle and suffer. Let’s start changing your story with these four steps:

  1. Think of a situation or uncomfortable feeling that plays in your mind like a song on repeat.

  2. Connect with the emotions you’re feeling around the situation. Are you mad, angry, sad, jealous, frustrated, happy? Make a list of your emotions.

  3. Now find a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed and can work on processing these emotions. Unprocessed emotions can stick in our bodies for years and even lifetimes. Your emotions need to be felt completely, without judgement or holding back, in order to begin the process of letting go.

    Connect with each feeling or emotion one at a time by allowing the emotion to saturate your entire being. Let yourself become totally consumed by the emotion. This will take about 30 seconds to 2 minutes. You may want to close your eyes. Allow yourself to take slow, deep breaths to help with the release.

  4. After you feel complete or the emotion no longer feels as strong inside you, record your experience or any ‘ah ha!’ moments that came up. Ask your guides or angels for help around how to move forward (ask them to be obvious about it, too!). Record any information that comes through.

Healing is a process and having the support you need to catapult your metamorphosis can be life changing.

Move through today surrounding your actions in love. Expect nothing but greatness to radiate from your actions.


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4-Steps to a cathartic release of blocked emotions


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